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***Hey yall! So here's a little teaser for my other Toews story I decided to go back to :) I'll still update my Neal might be a while though, since Im about to graduate in a few weeks! & I dont know about yall but Im definitely going to need some handsome Toews & Neal in my life with this loooooong off season! SO let me know what yall think! 


Running is my absolute favorite thing to do. It’s so therapeutic. Thanks to my husband being a morning person, I wake up with him, he’ll take off, and I’ll go for a run along Michigan Ave or wherever my legs take me.

Today was no different, hubby was at the United Center, and so I went for a run.  I was nearing the Bean in Millennium Park, when I took a bit of a spill, thanks to a couple guys attempting to get away from shoplifting…jerks. Karma will come for you!

“Oh sweetie! Are you ok?” A lady asks as she runs to me
“Son of a…! Oy, my knee hurts!” I respond, not wanting to get up
“Well, those boys took you down pretty quick,”
“Not to mention turned me completely around,”
“Can you get up?” She questions
“Umm…no” I say, unsuccessfully trying

“Here, can I help?” a guy stops and asks
“Yeah…I’m kind of in the way aren’t I?” I tell him
“Here, put your arm around my shoulder and hers, we’ll get you to the bench”
“Ok, thank you guys so much,” I say, getting up
“Of course!” Diana, the lady, says
“Can you put any pressure on your leg?” Matt, the guy, asks
“No, it hurts really bad,”

Being that it was starting to get cold, I had sweats on, my wedding/honeymoon tan had worn off, and so I looked like a vampire again; but I had to see the condition of my knee, which wasn’t bad…yet. But I knew if I couldn’t put pressure on it, it was far from ok.

“I’m sorry, I have to run, but I hope your leg is ok!” Diana tells me
“Ok, thanks for your help!” I tell her, and then continue
“I should probably call my husband to see if he can come get me,”
“Do you want me to stay with you to make sure your ok?”
“It’s totally up to you, you don’t have to though”
“Your husband won’t kill me, will he?” he asks sarcastically
“Ha, no I doubt it, he’ll think you’re a savior for helping me,”

I pull out my phone to see the screen completely shattered. Fantastic.

“They did a number to that too, eh?”
“Ugh, those assholes! Sadly. Your Canadian, eh?”
“Yep, from Calgary, you?”
“No, but my husband is Canadian. And of course he’s not answering,” so I try again

“Patrick? Did I call you?” I ask as he answers Jon’s phone
“No, but he told me to answer it,” Sharpie replies,
“Can you tell him to come get me please? I was running and got ran over by some guys and now I can’t walk,”
“Shit, Jay! Where are you? Are you ok?”
“At the bean, and I don’t know, I cant put pressure on my left leg, my knee hurts really bad,”
“Ok, he’s right here…go get your wife, she got hurt,” I hear him tell Jon
“Babe? What happened?”

So I tell him the story, I can literally hear him running out of the United Center.  Matt was a super nice guy, just moved to Chi with his fiancĂ©, Flames fan turned Blackhawks fan, so I told him my husband would like that.

About 10 minutes later, I see a black Tahoe drive up and Jon jumping out of it

“Oh my god, are you ok?” Jon asks, kissing my forehead
“I don’t know,” I say, frustrated and in pain
“Oh, this is Matt, he and a lady helped me over here. He’s a converted Blackhawks fan,”
“Nice to meet you man, thanks for helping her,” Jon says, shaking his hand
“No problem, Mr. Toews,”
“Oh, Jon is fine. Hold on a quick sec, eh?”

He comes back from the car, with 2 tickets for tonight’s game in hand and gave them to Matt, as his way of thanking him, super excited, he thanked us and went along with his day. Jon scooped me up and carried me to the car. I showed him my cracked iPhone with the saddest look on my face, so he says we’d go get a new one. It’s probably sad to admit, but my iPhone=my life. Literally, it has all my appointments, reminders and everything you can think of on it.

I called my doctor at Northwestern and, thankfully, was able to get an appointment in thirty minutes. 

Jon parks in the structure across the street, after I told him to drop me off at the front and then park, but noooo. He had no problem carrying me, I guess I could get used to it J

Dr. Johnson sees me right away, and examines my knee before I hear the word “MRI”


I hate MRI’s.

Well the machines, anyways. I’m claustrophobic, so I’m not a fan of lying in that small machine; and on top of being in a hospital, which I’m terrified of also. Let’s just say I was uncomfortable and nervous.

“Well, I can’t say that I have good news and bad news, because all I have is bad news,” Dr. Johnson says, coming back into the room
“Great.” I respond, sarcastically
“What is it, doc?” Jon asks
“Torn MCL, and your going to need to have surgery to repair it,”
“Seriously? But I didn’t tear it! Those jerks that ran me over did!” I joke
“I know, but it’s still torn,” She says, kind of laughing
“Ugh! Dr. Johnson, surgeries scare me!”
“I know, but your knee will feel so much better afterwards,”

As much as I shouldn’t be tuning her out, I am. I’m too nervous thinking about surgery. And being in a cast & on crutches. AGAIN. Thankfully, Jon was listening to every detail. I’m brought out of my zone when she asks

“Do you want to meet your surgeon?”
“Yeah,” I respond, Jon looks at me, he knows I didn’t hear a word she said

“Jamie, Jon, this is Dr. Green, he will be performing your surgery,”
“Nice to meet you both, Jamie-do you have any questions?”
“Not that I can think of, Jon might, I can bet he was listening better,”
“Mr. Toews?” Dr. Green asks
“Oh, call me Jon, but no, not really,” he replies

With that, Dr. Green goes over pre-operation for tomorrow. Yeah. Tomorrow. Lord, help me. Dr. Johnson puts a brace on my leg for support, and crutches to measure, so I can get used to them again and prepare myself.

“So, if you want to go all out on lunch or whatever, do it, but try and stick to water and light foods, don’t eat or drink after midnight.” Dr. Johnson says
“Jon, will you be available to be here with her during surgery as well as at home?” Dr. Green asks him
“Yeah, we’re here for 9 days before the next road trip,” He says
“Ok, great, then we will see you here at 9am,”
“Thanks!” Jon and I respond, and head out

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