Monday, November 19, 2012


"Hey welcome to Chicago, Mike. Let us know if you need anything! This is my wife, Jay," Jon says to Mike in the lounge
"Thanks a lot, I'm really looking forward to being here. Good to meet you, Jay! Maybe you could recommend a place to live?" he says, shaking our hands
"Absolutely! The complex that Nik & Elina just moved out of is a nice place, we live in the Trump Tower & we love it, what are you looking for?"
"Probably a 2 or 3 bedroom, it doesn't matter a whole lot," Mike says
"Why don't you come check out our house & see what you think? It's a 3 bedroom," Jon suggests
"Is that cool?" Mike asks, looking at me
"Definitely! We're always happy to help," I tell him

Mike follows us to the house, and he is immediately taken by the gorgeous view that we have, and loved the location of the building.  Jon shows Mike around, he tells him about our move here and how much we love the security in and around it & they talk about other condos in the building while I get some drinks out for us,

"So Jay, Jon tells me that you decorated the house," Mike says
"Yes sir, I did," I say proudly
"She decorated some of the old condo too, but with this one we wanted a fresh start, and this is how it turned out, pretty amazing, I think," Jon says
"Shoot, want to give me decorating tips?" Mike asks, sarcastically
"Really? I mean, if it's cool with Jon, I don't want to be stealing your wife,"
"Yeah, why not? It will give me something to do," I say
"Yeah, it's not a problem with me, it's something she loves to do so,"

So Jon gives Mike our realtor’s number and by the end of the day, he's moved into a condo on the 80th floor. Tomorrow was game day, so Tuesday will be shopping day to help Mike get situated.

Jon, Mike and I went out late Tuesday morning to start some shopping.  Mike made a list of stuff he wanted for the empty rooms, which was the spare bedroom and the dining room, plus a new media center & a new TV.

By one o'clock, Mike had all his furniture ordered and two days later he had a place in Chicago that he could call home.

March was here; I had a doctor’s appointment this morning that I nearly forgot about. Dr. Johnson asked me the normal questions, but she came to one that I didn't know the answer too...when I had my last cycle...ummm. Geez, between all the family we had in town, the holidays & saying bye to two of my best friends...I don't even remember having once since December.

"Well Mrs. Toews, looks like we should do a few tests," Dr. Johnson says with a smile
"Ok, should I call Jon?" I respond, kind of nervously
"If you would feel comfortable with him here, then yes," she says,

I call him & not 15 minutes later, he's sitting in a chair next to me.

"Well I have your test results," Dr. Johnson says
"What's wrong with me?" I ask
"Nothing that can't be fixed for about 8 more months," she says with a smile
"Wait.....what?" Jon & I both say
"You're 9 weeks pregnant, congratulations you two!"
"Oh my gosh!" I reply, almost speechless
"Really?" Jon asks
"Yes, really! You guys are having a baby!"
"Holy cow," I say, tearing up
"Baby! We're having a baby!!" Jon says, pulling me into a hug
"This is amazing!"
"Now, as you know, it's too soon to tell if it's a boy or girl, but from what I'm looking at, you're due date is October 8th!"
"Thank you so much!"

Dr. Johnson gives us our ultrasound pictures, informs us on some important information and advises me to start taking prenatal vitamins, and adds when my next appointment should be scheduled. As soon as we get home, we call our families & ask them both not to extend the news for a few more weeks, when the time is right.

We tell a few of the guys and their girls, asking them not to say anything either, until at least another month when I'm out of the first trimester.  Abby had spilled a secret of her own when she blurted out that our babies will be born around the same time.... um what? Yep, Abby & Patrick are expecting baby #2!

It hasn't sunk in that I'm actually pregnant! I wouldn't have imagined it would happen this soon. But I am so excited; Jon and I are both ready for baby Toews to join us.

Before we knew it, Laura will be arriving tomorrow for a week to catch some games and to see Carrie Underwood in concert...the perks of being a WAG is that we are all one big family, and Carrie is a good friend of mine, through Jon being friends with Mike. So we always get together whenever we can, and being that her tour was winding down in Chicago, she called me to see if I wanted some tickets.

Jon is at practice while I pick up Laura before the 2 of us head home. We catch up for a little bit, before I get a phone call from Dani, at my hair salon, asking if I was coming for my cut & color appointment.... oops! So Laura tags along with me, since I figured this will probably be the last time for a while that I get my hair done.

I get a phone call from Jon during my appointment saying that he accidentally spilled the beans while trying to pick up a surprise for me. Interesting.  He said he was at a "store" buying something that I can use for the baby, and myself when the lady at the store asked if they were for his wife, Jon responded yes & she said congratulations. Ahahaha he slipped before I did! So even though not many people knew, we still decided to not make an announcement until I was 12 weeks.

"Are you excited for dinner??" I ask Laura as I'm doing her hair for tonight
"Yes! I'm nervous!" she responds
"Don't be! Jimmy is seriously the nicest, funniest guy ever,"

Tonight the 4 of us are going to dinner, since Laura thought Jimmy was cute; I thought I'd give another attempt at match making for my best friend.

"I know, its first date jitters, if you can call them that,"
"You'll be fine! That's why Jon & I will be there,"
"Hey did Jon ever spill the beans on his surprise for you?"
"Oh my gosh, no! Jon!!!" I yell, as he walks into the bathroom
"Yes?" he asks
"I think I remember hearing of a surprise for a certain someone?"
"Oh yeah, but it's a surprise!"
"But you can’t tell me you have a surprise for me & not expect me to not bug you about it!" I say, smiling
"Yeah Jon, no offense but you should know better," Laura throws in
"How long are you going to bug me about this?" He asks me while smiling
"Probably every minute," I respond
"Ok, fiiiiiiiine. Come with me," he says grabbing my hand and leading me to our room
"I wanted to hold out on giving you this for as long as I could, but I shoulda known that when I called you earlier,"

Jon walks over to his side of the bed and pulls out 2 white boxes from underneath, right away I knew they were from Coach. He pushes them over to where I'm standing.

"Seriously!" I say, so surprised
"Yes!" Jon says as I start opening the boxes, with Laura standing in the doorway
"Oh my gosh!"

The four of us had a good dinner at Carmine's, Laura and Jimmy hit it off pretty well & she was already planning on trying to come out for playoff games.

The boys were heading to California for their 3 game swing & it was the night of the concert at the UC. Carrie got us backstage passes so we could hang out with her for a few minutes & meet Hunter Hayes too.  The concert was probably one of the best I’ve been to in a while! Carrie always puts on a good show & we were right there in the front, 3 rows back.

A few more weeks went by and the Hawks were closing out another season, 4th place with home ice advantage and ready to dominate in the playoffs. Abby and I had both been progressing well. Her due date is October 11, I was so thankful for her to be here to help and ask for advice on the whole pregnancy thing.