Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hey yall! So sorry for the delay! The end of summer got crazy & then with the stupid lockout, ive had writers block! But without further delay....heres another chapter!

We spend the day in downtown Denver with my parents and the friend of ours that lives out here, Ger, is what we call her, whose husband is off at work.  She takes us to this amazing Italian restaurant, and then we do some shopping, even though that’s the last thing I should be doing K shh, don’t tell my husband.

Is it weird to say that Elina and I forgot what it’s like to go into a hockey game with all the other fans? Well, more me I guess. I don’t even remember when the last time was that I had a game ticket scanned…I mean obviously we have tickets for our seats at the UC, but we just keep them incase we get questioned, which we never do.

We got there just in time for warm ups. I had my dad take a picture of Elina & me, he was chuckling about something and said the picture came out good and handed me the camera.  We clicked to look at it only to see Landeskog making a funny face in the background, so we immediately turn to find him at center ice laughing.... oh it is on, Landy!

The game was good & the surrounding Avs fans were really nice. We lost in OT after battling back from a 3-1 deficit. But the guys played good, never gave up. Elina and I said by to my family as they dropped us off at the team hotel.

The boys beat the Stars & the Sabres and the rest of the road trip was relaxing.  Elina & I stayed with one of my friends & fellow hockey wife in Buffalo, so having time to catch up with her was a fun time.

Back home in Chicago and lucky me, I caught the flu. The first day was horrible, my body was hurting so bad that when Jon took me to urgent care, he had to carry me from our bed down to the car and into the building.

I spent the next 3 days in bed sleeping before I was back to 100%. On one of the off days, Jon & I decided to take a walk down the mile.  After a Starbucks run, Jon mentioned making a surprise stop in the Blackhawks Store, which the guys occasionally did. Everyone was shocked to see him walk in but happy that they were at the right place at the right time. Jon had been talking to people and taking pictures, while I talked to Kristin, who was Vik's date on our NYE night out & considering I introduced them, I approved of her :)

"You and Jonathan are so perfect together," she says
"Thank you!" I say
"Your welcome! I bet some people weren't very friendly at first?"
"For the most part, people were, it was the girls that were crazy mean,"
"Oh god, I can only imagine,"
"If I've learned anything, it's to not listen to what other people have to say..Jon and I are who know the truth of our lives and our marriage, and we know who were going home to at the end of the day.  You might want to remember that with Vik," I say with a smile
"I'll have to, although I'm not sure where things are going with him, I like him,"
"Well, y'all looked pretty cozy at ROOF on New Years...I can talk to him, if you want. Maybe we can double date?"
"Who are we double dating with?" Jon asks, walking up
"Kristin & Vik!" I say, happily
"I could see that, why don't you come with Jay to the game tomorrow night?"
"Sounds fun!"
"Ok, I'll give you a call! Bye girl!"

That little trip made for a fun day, a lot of people were so happy to see Jon interact with some fans on his free time. We spent some more time walking around the city, which I fall in love with more and more everyday.

Today was game day and I was back to my normal routine of making Jon's pre-game meal, spaghetti.  I invited Kristin over so we could all go to the game together, so I mentioned a post game dinner...and invited Vik. Hey, I gotta do what I can to help a friend out. By the end of the night, I think they were both thankful, because they picked up right where they left off on NYE and clicked in no time.

All-Star Weekend was approaching, and I was pretty excited, because it was my first one to attend.  Abby, Dayna, Danielle (Crawford's fiancĂ©) and I were the girls joining our men in Columbus, while the other wives stayed back or went elsewhere with the rest of the guys.

To be at an event like this where all the guys joke around and put their rivalries aside was pretty cool.  We got there Thursday evening and hung out until the festivities began on Friday, so we all got together and went to dinner with some of the other guys that were in the same hotel as us.

Tonight was the All Star Draft, Jon was alternate captain with Jamie Benn for team Kesler, team Crosby had alternate captains Mike Green and Ryan Callahan. Kesler and the guys picked up Sharp right away before taking Seabs, while team Crosby took Corey.

All the players had stuff going on leading up to the skills competition, so after the girls and I got the passes and tickets needed, we decided to go out & explore the town. Some of the WAGs of the Kings joined us, as well as the new Mrs. Parise.  Team Kesler won the game the next night, and we were back in Chicago in no time.

February was in full effect and I had just gotten word that Laura, my best friend from back home is going to be coming out for St. Patricks day weekend, I was pretty excited to see her.  She had the biggest crush on Kane...until she found out who Jimmy Hayes was, and she won't get off my back to introduce her to him.  

On Valentines Day, the guys had the night off, so between Jon, Brent, Nik, Vik and Corey, they had reserved a riverboat for the night, which was serving an amazing 3 course meal for us.  Thank god Dayna, Kristin and I had gotten the outfits needed for a fancy dinner. Throughout dinner, we hung out and talked while enjoying the view of the skyline.

"Hey baby, you ok?" Jon asks as he comes up behind me along the railing of the boat
"Yeah, just wanted to get some fresh air," I respond, taking in his embrace
"How did y'all manage to pull this off anyways? Boats don't even start running until the end of April," I add
"Well...let's just say, the boys and I were able to pull some strings," he says with a smile
"Of course, you boys are always pulling some strings for something,"
"It's just how we work," he says, leaning down to kiss me, as fireworks start
"Awe, was this planned too?" I ask in between
"It might have been,"

Shortly after, the rest of the group to watch the fireworks.

"Happy Valentines Day baby, let's go home,"

Best. Valentines. Day. Ever.

The one thing that I totally forgot about was trade deadline day on February 28th. I know I never had to worry with Jon, but it was the whole thing of other teammates leaving, and obviously taking their families with them.

Talks were going on, but everyone kept quiet & it was still pretty early. The boys were at the UC for practice so the girls and I decided to meet up at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Abby came by with Madelyn to pick me up then we met up with Elina, Dayna, Danielle and Kristin. We were all pretty relaxed, with not knowing what would happen. Moves were going on all over the league too.  12:15 on the dot, the boys were getting out of practice when Elina's phone rang.

"Nik got traded." she says, putting her phone down
"What!" we all say, shocked
"Stan told him after practice just now.  We have to be moved by Sunday,"
"Where?" I ask
"No!!" Abby says
"I don't know what to think right now. Besides home, Chicago is all I know,"
"And in no time too," Kristin says
"He has to report to the Capitals practice center Monday morning, but won't play until Wednesday against the Bruins."
"I'm speechless right now," Dayna says
"The boys are coming over now. We knew that he had been in talks of a trade every year, I just never expected it to happen."

So our men showed up and we ended up having an unexpected farewell lunch for Nik & Elina. Nik has been on and off the phone with Troy Brouwer, who has been out there for almost 2 years, and said him and Carmen offered to help them find a house and get settled in.

After lunch, we stood outside talking, delaying our goodbyes as long as we could. I was really bummed since Elina and I had gotten to be such good friends. But that's the business of the NHL.

"Now you have an excuse to come out to Washington when the Hawks and Caps play," she tells me
"Exactly, and we will too! And we'll for sure see y'all for the wedding in Sweden!"
"Yes, definitely. Ah that is going to come so soon, it's going to be the best time having all you girls and guys out there with us,"

After pictures, hugs and tearful goodbyes, we part ways and let Nik & Elina get to packing up so they can begin the new chapter in their lives.

Jon & I decide to take a walk around Navy Pier, so we spend an hour or so walking around, took a ride on the Ferris wheel then opted for a relaxing night at home watching movies.

Sunday morning, we were welcomed with a new face in the locker room. Mike Green is the newest Blackhawk.