Monday, July 16, 2012


It was a week before Christmas & we were finally adjusted and back to normal.  I loved that the building had 3 different sets of elevators, each of which only went to certain floors, and the elevator for the condos were watched by security guards 24/7, in addition to a huge elevator especially for moving furniture. I loved this place already. 

I guess some word got around that we moved into the Trump Tower…that I wasn’t too happy about, but what can you do? Plus they didn’t know what floor we lived on, and there’s no way that info is getting out. So good luck to youJ

Jon was already at practice when I left for the airport to pick up my parents. The drive to Midway seemed to take a lot longer then I thought it would have, probably because traffic sucks, like always…which is why I never drive around here.

After waiting for a delayed flight, I finally caught sight of them.  We gathered their luggage and were on our way home.  They had told me about their visit in Portland with my sister, and having my other sister and her family at the house for a while.

We stopped and had a chat with Carl, one of the security guards, such a nice guy, who absolutely adored Jon and I; he also informed me that Jon was back home, which I was happy about.

“Hello?” I say opening the door
“Hi baby! Hi guys!” Jon says, giving me a kiss then hugging my parents
“Hi! Nice house!” my mom says
“Thanks! We love it,” Jon replies
“It’s really nice,” my dad says
“Want the tour?” I ask

So we give them a tour of the house, my mom couldn’t get over the view that we had, but I don’t blame her, it’s one of the most gorgeous views ever. They got adjusted in one of the guest rooms, and then we thought we should figure out something for food since I was slacking on going to the store.

“What about Giordano’s?” Jon mentions
“Oh yeah! We didn’t have time to go there last time ya’ll were here, did we?” I ask
“Nope, I think we ran out of time,” Dad says
“Then we’ll go there! They have the best pizza,”

We got to Giordano’s and had to wait a little bit, there were a few girls there that recognized Jon and asked if they could get a picture with him, so I offered to take it.  One of the girls told me I was the luckiest girl ever (well DUH, look at my super hot hubby ;)), she even wanted a picture with me; I was kind of flattered, not going to lie.

Dinner was great; we sat for a good 3 hours or so. I’m pretty sure we ordered like 3 bottles of wine, most of it being consumed by my mom and I. I had Elina to thank for turning me into a wine drinker…her and Nik would always bring home some amazing wine from Sweden.

I was exhausted for some reason by the time we got home; I’d imagine from all the wine…tomorrow morning might kill me.  So we spent the rest of the evening in at home, Jon even put the Penguins game on TV, my dad gives him a glance before he says ‘I won’t stop her from being a Pens fan, I’m friends with a few of those guys, and I know who she’s coming home to at the end of the day’. Yep…I really am a lucky girl. 

So this is what it feels like to have a hangover…I almost forgot.  And I’m not one of those people who can sleep it off, nope; it forces my body awake at like 7am.  Everyone else was already awake, Jon was making coffee before he left for practice; today was their last game before the short Christmas break, against the Canadiens.

After spending the morning shopping on Michigan Ave, its game time! We headed over to the arena with Jon, so we could avoid 2 cars in post game traffic. And my parents hadn’t been to the UC yet, so I figured I’d see what I could do to show them around. 

I wanted them to get the most out of a game at the Madhouse, so we sat in our seats on the glass, next to the visitor’s penalty box, best seats in the house J

The boys went out with a win, Jon got a late goal and Corey played an amazing game; which would help the boys enjoy the short break a little more. 

It was Christmas morning, and I was so happy to be spending it with my husband and my parents.  My parents had sent us some new picture frames, and a gift card to IKEA…it was my new favorite store. I got them some books and random things, Jon got me an iPad, and I got him every season of Breaking Bad and Mad Men on DVD, he could spend an entire week watching the entire show.

My parents had left, and before we knew it, we were getting ready for some more visitors. My best friend, Stephanie and her boyfriend Ben were coming out for New Year’s, I told them they were more then welcome to stay with us and join in the festivities…which reminded me to call Elina to get the final plans.

After waiting at the airport, yet again, we were back home and I was giving Stephanie & Ben the tour.  Jon was on his way home from morning skate, the boys had a game tonight against the Wings, and had a short break until resuming games again on January 2nd

The three of us joined Elina, Dayna & some other wags in the box for tonight’s game.  All the girls loved Stephanie and thought the best about Ben & they were so excited to have them join us for NYE.

2013 was here! It was kind of hard to believe too, how fast time had flown by. The boys had their first road trip of the New Year, Elina and I decided to join them in Denver, Dallas & Buffalo.  My parents made plans to visit our family friends out in Denver, so the 4 of them would be joining us at the game; and I had managed to get good seats on the glass, its always more fun sitting there then in the box.

Denver was just as cold as it was back home, but at least there was no wind. The boys went along with practice soon after we arrived, Elina and I had joined them, for some short time while we waited for my parents. 

We we’re walking through the hallways when we ran into Gabe Landeskog…could that kid be anymore good looking?

“I’m so sorry! I should really be paying attention,” he says with a smile
“No, it’s ok! We don’t really know where we’re going,” I say
“Oh?” he’s about to continue when we hear Vik coming behind us
“Hey Landy! Ladies, your men are looking for you,” Vik says
“Stals! How’s it going? You know these two beauties?” Gabe asks
“I sure do! This is Jamie Toews, and this is Elina, Hammer’s fiancĂ©,”
“Mrs. Toews! Real nice to meet you! You too, Elina!”
“You too!” we both say
“Well, clearly you girls are spoken for, but I must say, I play a killer hockey game,” he says, with a charm
“Yeah, Yeah,” Vik says, laughing, “Nice try with that one,” we all laugh
“Oh come on Gabe, surely you have someone special,” I say
“No, I sure don’t. It’s hard to find a lady friend that’s not after my wallet,”
“Good reason! Well, we better be off to say bye to the boys,” Elina says
“It was good meeting you!” we say as Gabe gives us a hug
“Bye ladies! I’ll be lookin for ya tonight!”
“Oh, you wont have to look hard,”

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Wooooow I've realized it's been literally forever since I've updated my stories. Stuff was crazy with work, school, graduating from college & job hunting. But I promise I have a lot more coming for both stories! I've been brainstorming and writing more while being on vacation. So be on the look out for chapters on BOTH stories in the next few days! Hope y'all are having a wonderful summer! ~J