Thursday, June 7, 2012


And just like Jon had said, “we’ll be home before you know it,” the girls and I would be picking them up in a few hours.  Don’t get me wrong; those 10 days spent with the girls was amazing and much needed, but I want my husband back! I hate sharing him with the entire hockey world.

It was near 3am when Dayna and I left for the arena.  Between the boys coming home, and me getting rid of the brace and crutches on Monday, I was beyond excited for the coming days.

Jon and the guys were so excited to be home, I think they liked the fact of being back in their own beds with their loved ones, instead of going from hotel to hotel.  Brent & Dayna dropped us back off at the house and the guys packed up Dayna’s things to take home.

“Wake up!” Jon says, carefully jumping on the bed
“Nooooooo! Go away,” I say, covering my face
“But babe! Today’s the day!”
“Ok, fiiiiiiiine,”
“That’s what I like to hear! Your appointment is at 10. Rise & shine!!”
“How are you so awake in the morning??”
“Always have been. Get up, get up, get up!” he says, smiling
“You are so not allowed to wake our kids up,”

My appointment took 30 minutes, but it was done and I was back to normal…well almost. I’d be starting physical therapy tomorrow, in the building across from the Trump Tower.  It was taking me a while to get used to walking again; at first I was scared to put pressure on my leg, but Dr. Johnson urged me not to because everything was fine. 

Before we knew it, December was here.  My parents were going to come out and spend Christmas with us, and I was pretty excited to see them.

But things became a little more stressful, and a little scary, when Jon and I came home to a disaster of our house being broken into. I never understood what caused people to do things like this; it was stressful, and scary to be involved in something like this.

Jon got the police officers over to the house while I tried to look around without touching anything.  I think Jon and I were both glad that I couldn’t wear a lot of jewelry, so there wasn’t a lot of that to take.  More things were destroyed then stolen. 

I walked back out to the dining room where the cops were talking to Jon; they could all see how uneasy I was, but I guess that was expected.

“Do you guys by chance have someplace to stay? I wouldn’t recommend staying here, and I can see in your face that you don’t want to,” the officer says to me
“Yeah, I don’t want to…I don’t feel safe here anymore,”
“I’ll call Seabs and see if we can stay with them,”

We took what we needed for the night, because we would be able to come back tomorrow to get the rest of our things.  By the time we got to Brent’s house, I was so emotionally drained and stressed, I broke down in tears and Jon just held me tight and rocked me to sleep.

The next morning, Dayna made breakfast, and Jon brought up something that I knew would be brought up eventually. A new place to live.  This was not the stress I wanted right now.

“Babe, I know your not comfortable at that house now, and to be honest, the security there sucks, because if we had any security guards, there’s a bigger chance this wouldn’t have happened,”
“I know, and your right,”
“So lets start looking,”
“Ok, is there a way we can be quiet about this so it doesn’t happen again?”
“Yes, and I’m sure if we asked a realtor about a confidentiality agreement, that can be done.  And I kind of have an idea for a place for us.”
“Already? Where?”
“The Trump,”
“Of course! You love that building, but do you really want to be living that close to Kane?”
“I know, probably not, but I love that building more then him so,” Jon says, smiling
“Of course, well do you want to call before we go over there or do you know if anything is even available?”
“Yep! There’s probably a handful of condos for sale, I’ll call Kaner and get his realtor’s number and get in contact with him,”

Greg, Pat’s realtor was so nice and was very understanding of our situation and helped us get a condo within the next few days.  So we were in the process of relocating…to the 85th floor of The Trump Tower, 3 down from Kane, who lives on...the 88th floor, of course. Lord help us with that moving job.

With 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, plus a den, as well as a living room, we had so much more space then we did at our old house, but it was so spacious and I loved it. Plus, the view is breathtaking!

Oh yeah, of the things those jerks stole: 2 TV’s, a blue ray player, and both our iPods. They broke our coffee table and the DVD shelf. Oh, and they also took 2 of Jon’s hockey sticks that were signed & he was PISSED.

But it turns out there was a positive side to all of this. The police caught the guys who broke into our house after they broke into another house a day later.  They sold the TVs and iPods, but Jon got the hockey sticks back.

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